Hanging out with my students!

Hanging out with my students!

Let's Get Acquainted

Many years ago I read the works of the ancient Greek philosophers and found that I was at home among them. I made a life commitment back then to pursue wisdom and understanding as a life goal and to strive to embody my philosophy in my way of life. Forty years later I am still at it and believe that I have achieved some measure of success, although, as my dad used to say, success is never final and failure never fatal.

         I have never been motivated by the desire to amass material goods or make tons of money since I believe other things in life are much more important.

          I am contemplative and thoughtful and spend a great deal of time musing about everything and meditating on the mysteries of the cosmos. I have been a teacher and a counselor all of my adult life, working in high schools, colleges, and universities. I have also worked fairly extensively with people who have special needs … keeping in mind that we all have special needs.

          For a philosopher, I am very active and physical and enjoy biking, hiking, paddling, snowshoeing, skiing, etc. in the great outdoors whenever I can get away from my desk.  I moved out here to Montana twenty-seven years ago from the rat-race back east in order to be close to the abundance of natural beauty that this state has to offer. The sublime beauty of nature is my spiritual home and my natural church, but engaging the daily practices of Catholic Christianity is of central importance to me and the heart of my life. 

          I like people and especially enjoy a good conversation that focuses on ideas, current events, or the sharing of life stories--one of my favorite things.   It would be wonderful to have such a conversation with you!

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